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...... Because every Seller is a FSBO and every real estate transaction needs a serious Buyer.

...... The iGOfsbo system is today's 21st century market model for transacting real estate. It's a

           positive paradigm shift from the outdated traditional commission model.

The iGOfsbo system:

  • Applies 21st century Technology enabling the Seller and Buyer to Save Money and not pay a commission.
  • Represents the Evolution of real estate sales.
  • Creates a "Consumer Centric" Internet Marketplace for Buyers and Sellers to transact real estate.
  • Encourages and promotes greater Efficiency, Cost Effectiveness and Competition.
  • Ensures both the Seller and Buyer are in absolute Control.
  • Supports the Seller and Buyer through the complete process of transacting real estate- from Listing to Offer.
  • Delivers the very best in PRICE, VALUE and SERVICE.

 ...... iGO For Sale By Owner follows all  the sequential steps necessary to Sell and Buy real estate.

        Sellers and Buyers are able to:


 ...... real estate, online, using the internet and without ever paying a commission to a  real estate Broker.

iGO ForSaleByOwner
Puts more money in the Sellers pocket without taking it from the Buyers.





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