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  • NO Fee for BUYER
  • Small Fixed FEE for SELLER
  • Great VALUE for BOTH

iGOfsbo Pricing Chart

From the onset, using iGO ForSaleByOwner, the Seller is made aware of the TOTAL COST to market a real estate transaction using iGOfsbo's patent pending 4 Core Elements + 1. The iGOfsbo system is Affordable, Predictable, Transparent, and Efficient.

Our pricing model is unlike the Traditional model. By not paying a commission and using iGOfsbo's system of a Fixed FEE, the Seller keeps a much greater total percentage of the sales price ($) of their home for themselves.

In fact using iGO ForSaleByOwner, as the home Sales Price increases the % Cost to Sell (charge to the Seller) decreases. For example, the total % Cost to Sell a home at $300,000 using iGO ForSaleByOwner is just .67% and to sell a $500,000 home is a mere .40%.

In comparison, the Traditional model charges a standard commission of 5.0%  (and in some states even more) no matter the final sales price of the home. For example, a home sold at $300,000 the Seller will pay the Broker $15,000 in commission and for a home sold at $500,000 the Seller pays the Broker $25,000 in commission.

Respectfully a home Seller SAVES  $13,000 (home sold @ $300,000) or $18,000 (home sold @ $500,000) using iGO ForSaleByOwner.

There is no contest. iGO ForSaleByOwner (Powered by iGOfsbo) is the superior pricing model and offers a considerably higher level of service in all types of market conditions- Seller’s market or Buyer’s market alike.













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