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SELLER: How To & Why

Why should I REGISTER?

A registered Seller unlocks the many assets available on the "Dashboard" using the iGOfsbo system.

A registered Seller is able to:

  • create a Listing
  • organize a Seller’s Passbook
  • set the Seller’s Parameters
  • confirm the Proprietary Offer Protocol (POP)
  • communicate with Licensee
  • send messages to all Buyers


SIMPLE… from the top of any page tap the REGISTER button and complete the form.

Once I register for free how much does it cost?

There is a small fixed fee set by iGO ForSaleByOwner (the Licensee) that reflects the current market condition and level of service desired. The fixed fee entitles the Seller to employ the marketing and management services of iGO ForSaleByOwner to create a listing and use the patent pending 4 Core Elements +1 of the iGOfsbo system. (See Pricing on the Nav Bar).

What is the Dashboard and why is it important?

The Dashboard is important because it is the Control Panel for the Seller. From anywhere on the website a registered Seller can always return to their Dashboard to access all their tools and find their way around the website. 

What is a Seller’s PassBook?

It's the SELLER'S DIARY... it's an electronic book designed to address all the questions a Buyer may have regarding a perspective property and the iGOfsbo system. The PassBook provides copies of an independent third party Appraisal and Inspection report; it highlights all the strengths and weaknesses of the home and assists the Buyer in identifying the right home and the fair price to offer.

The Seller’s PassBook is proprietary of the iGOfsbo system.

What is the Seller’s Parameters?

It is a reflection of the Seller’s sales price, based on the FMV, that sets the price boundary or minimum offer a home Seller will accept using the iGOfsbo system.

What is the Seller’s Timeline?

The objective of the Seller’s Timeline is to present the Buyer with a schedule for their acquisition of the desired home. It is flexible, easy to use and shares vital information with the Buyer to create heightened Buyer excitement.

What is the Proprietary Offer Protocol?

Also called POP.  It is exclusive to the iGOfsbo system. It uses the internet and iGOfsbo’s branded software to process an offer and evaluate the offer per the pre-determined Seller’s Parameters.

How do I create or edit a Listing?

To create a listing- go to Seller’s Dashboard-tap on LISTINGS- tap on ADD a LISTING and follow Steps 1-6.

To edit a listing- go to Seller’s Dashboard- tap on MY LISTING- scroll down to find the desired listing and tap the EDIT button

What is Documents on the Dashboard?

Documents on the Dashboard allows the Seller to create the Seller’s Passbook.  The Seller simply uploads a PDF to populate the desired field.

What is My Timeline on the Seller's Dashboard?

To view My Timeline go to Seller’s Dashboard- tap on LISTINGS- tap on MY TIMELINE.

My Timeline is a cheat sheet for the Seller. It summarizes all the activities to be executed to sell the home.

What is My POP on the Dashboard?

POP is short for Proprietary Offer Protocol. It is found on the Dashboard by tapping LISTINGS then MY POP.

From this page the Seller controls all Recognized offers. Any offer that is not immediately Accepted or Rejected by the iGOfsbo software is Recognized. My POP allows the Seller to evaluate the Buyer’s offer to determine if the final offer is Accepted or Rejected.

What is the Message Center?

The Message center conveniently organizes all personal incoming and outgoing messages of the iGOfsbo system for you.

Can I upgrade My Profile to Buyer?

YES... you make the edit to your Profile on your Dashboard by tapping the highlighted EDIT PROFILE. This is a helpful feature for all home Sellers that also want to easily BUY a home. Both Buying and Selling a home can happen simultaneously using the iGOfsbo system.




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