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 Why a SELLER wants to work with iGO For Sale By Owner

TOP 10:

1. The iGOfsbo system is the Evolution of real estate sales.

List, Show, Negotiate and Sell your home online with iGOfsbo.

2. The iGOfsbo system puts more Money in the SELLER’S pocket

By not paying the Traditional (commission) Model and using the iGOfsbo system, the Seller keeps a much greater % of the sales price of their home. As the home Sales Price increases the % Cost to Sell using the iGOfsbo system decreases. For example, the % Cost to Sell a home at $500,000 using the iGOfsbo system is less than 1% or .40% (see below graph).

In comparison, the Traditional (commission) Model charges a full 5% no matter the final sales price of the home.

iGO ForSaleByOwner makes it possible for the Seller to recognize tremendous savings that can be used as a down payment for their next home, to start a college fund or put a new car in the garage.

3. The iGOfsbo system applies state of the art Marketing

The goal of iGOfsbo marketing is to position the Seller's listing to be seen by as many willing and able Buyers as possible. iGOfsbo markets directly with your Buyer and not through a network of Brokers/Agents. In the effort to expose your home to a serious Buyer iGOfsbo incorporates the best practices of 21st century technology by employing,

  • the patent pending 4 Core Elements + 1
  • the internet
  • the iGOfsbo website
  • the MyOpenHouseANYTIME website
  • social media
  • progressive communication platforms, video links and print media   

4. The iGOfsbo system offers a SELLER a higher Level of Service and Attention

Compared to any other method of selling a home the iGOfsbo system engages more dedicated professionals to assist in the marketing and selling of your home. All Sellers have their own team of trained professionals representing multiple disciplines. Unlike the traditional model that demands the real estate professional to wear many hats- one day stager, the next an inspector, negotiator, appraiser and videographer. The iGOfsbo model uses technology and multiple dedicated third party professionals to deliver a higher level of service to support your effort in selling a home.

5. iGO ForSaleByOwner charges a transparent FIXED FEE

Because iGO ForSaleByOwner does not charge a commission (thus eliminating a conflict) we are able to match  the Seller and Buyer and offer a higher level of service using iGOfsbo’s patent pending 4 Core Elements + 1 system. The Seller pays an agreed Fixed Fee that does not fluctuate with the sales price of the home. The below graph confirms the spread between using iGO ForSaleByOwner and the Traditional (commission) Model to sell a home. For example, a Home Sales price of $500,000 Cost to the Seller using the Traditional (commission) Model is $25,000, whereas with iGO ForSaleByOwner the Fixed Fee cost is $2,000 or a recognized savings of $23,000.

The iGOfsbo system is the superior model in all types of market conditions. It is especially significant, today, in a soft real estate market when a Seller may owe more than the house is worth and could not afford to sell without the recognized savings of the iGOfsbo system.

6. The iGOfsbo system gives a SELLER the Competitive Advantage

iGOfsbo enables the Seller to market their home at the true market price (appraised value)  without imposing an additional Broker commission. Therefore the Seller can offer their home at a competitive price compared to the padded price of a home listed using the Traditional commission model.

7. The  iGOfsbo system allows the SELLER to create a Seller's Timeline

Unlike an open ended contract or an agreement lasting six months with a traditional commissioned Broker, the iGOfsbo model hits the market hard and openly shares the Seller's Timeline with the Buyer. This approach produces a heightened awareness and excitement to purchase your home. Real estate Brokers/Agents profess the most important time in selling a home is the first 30 days of a listing.

8. The iGOfsbo system empowers the SELLER with more CONTROL

The Seller is in control and uses iGO ForSaleByOwner (the Licensee) as a member of the Seller's marketing team. The Licensee is a consultant offering marketing tools, customer support and the iGOfsbo system to effectively and efficiently sell your home.

9. The iGOfsbo system encourages all BUYERS to be PRE-APPROVED

iGO ForSaleByOwner's goal  is to make timely "Matches that Happen" between serious Buyers and Sellers. A Seller may require all BUYERS must provide confirmation of mortgage preapproval prior to making an offer on their listed home. This control feature guarantees all offers are valid and further protects the security of the Seller and their home.

10. The iGOfsbo system assists the SELLER in determining the sales price of a home

The iGOfsbo system provides the Seller with the most current market information to assist in pricing the home. The Buyer is unaware of the Seller’s acceptable sales price (Seller's Parameter) but recognizes the home price is based on a professional appraisal of the true market value.





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