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Why a BUYER wants to work with iGO For Sale By Owner

TOP 10:

1.  The iGOfsbo system is the Evolution of real estate sales.

Search, View, Negotiate and Buy your home online with iGOfsbo

2.  The iGOfsbo system is FREE.  

The Buyer pays nothing to register with iGO ForSaleByOwner to use the 4 Core Elements + 1 of the iGOfsbo system, including:

  • Access to all detailed home listings
  • Receiving a complimentary copy of the PassBook
  • Ability to create and update "My Watchlist"
  • Organize "My Favorites"
  • Control a personal Communication Module
  • Make a secure, private OFFER on a home or piece of land using the internet

3.  The iGOfsbo system gives the BUYER Confidence because information is power.

The Seller's PassBook presents a detailed overview of the home for sale to include:

  • Complete listing sheet of the home
  • Full independent professional Appraisal report
  • Full independent professional Home Inspection report
  • Home operating budget
  • Copy of the Seller’s Disclosure statement
  • Sample P&S agreement
  • Plot plan
  • Tax bill
  • Floor plans (if available)
  • CLUE report
  • Community Profile report and
  • What to expect when your offer is accepted

4.  The iGOfsbo system Saves the BUYER Time and Money.

iGOfsbo has removed the haggling from the process of purchasing a home. The iGOfsbo system supported by the Seller’s Parameter and the Proprietary Offer Protocol (POP) process gives the Buyer confidence that they are paying just enough.

5.  The iGOfsbo system takes all the guess work out of determining the fair market price. 

The Seller’s PassBook highlighting the professional Appraisal and Inspection report will enlighten the Buyer regarding the Seller’s acceptable offer range and the true market price of the home.

6.  The iGOfsbo system makes it Easy for the BUYER to locate a home in BUYER'S target area.

Today, more home buyers are using the internet to locate a home and the iGO ForSaleByOwner website provides a rich database of all properties registered For Sale By Owner.

7.  The iGOfsbo Seller is Transparent.

The Seller’s PassBook provides the Buyer with all the critical information that allows the Buyer to make an informed purchase decision. The appraisal provides insight to a fair market price and the home inspection report identifies all the home imperfections that are minor or major.

8.  The iGOfsbo system introduces the pre-determined SELLER'S Parameter.

This patent pending feature makes it possible for a Buyer to receive an instant response (Accepted, Recognized, or Rejected) to a submitted offer. There is no delay or waiting for a reply. 

9.  The iGOfsbo system is Private

The Buyer’s identity is concealed until after an offer is accepted. A Buyer will never feel they have been a victim of discrimination or their OFFER has been overlooked.

10.  The iGOfsbo system does not work with commissioned Brokers/Realtors.

Typically, the Realtor's commission is paid by overinflating the price of a home or the Buyer pays the commission directly to the Broker. Using the iGOfsbo system the Buyer will pay the true market price of the home, receive a higher level of service, and be confident in their decision making process.





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