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BUYER: How To and Why

Why should I REGISTER?

A registered Buyer unlocks the many assets available on the "Dashboard" using the iGOfsbo system.

A registered Buyer has the ability to:

  • receive a full detailed listing on any home.
  • create a Watchlist.
  • save a listing to My Favorites.
  • receive notification on any desired listing.
  • request and receive a Seller’s Passbook.
  • "Make an Offer" that’s private and secure.


SIMPLE… from the top of any page tap the REGISTER button and complete the form.

How much does it cost?

NOTHING… registration is always FREE. The Buyer never pays a fee for any service offered by iGO ForSaleByOwner.

How do I search for a property?

IT'S EASY... anytime you see a SEARCH button it is possible to define your search by entering the requested values. For example, from the Home Page you can search for any listing in your target price range, City and State by entering the values and simply tapping on GO. If no values are entered the system reports all the listings on the website's database.

It is also possible to do more advanced searches. In addition to target Price, City and State you can search for properties by Listing type, # of Bedrooms, # of Baths, House square footage and size of House lot.

What is the Buyer’s Dashboard and why is it important?

The Dashboard is important because it is the Control Panel for the Buyer. A registered Buyer uses their Dashboard to access all their tools and easily navigate their way around the website. 

What is a Seller’s PassBook and why do I want one?

It's the SELLER'S DIARY... it's an electronic book designed to address all the questions a Buyer may have regarding a perspective property and the iGOfsbo system. The PassBook provides copies of an independent third party Appraisal and Inspection report, it highlights all the strengths and weaknesses of the home and assists the Buyer in identifying the right home and the fair price to offer.

The Seller’s PassBook is proprietary of the iGOfsbo system.

What is My WatchList?

If a Buyer’s initial search criteria does not render a hopeful result the Buyer can save the requested search criteria to "My WatchList" and the iGOfsbo system will notify the registered Buyer when a new listing is posted that meets their desires.

What is My Favorites?

A registered Buyer is able to save any listing to "My Favorites" and they will be instantly notified of any edits made to that listing. For example, when a Seller makes an entry to their Timeline the registered Buyer is the first to know. Information is Power.

Why do I want to upload a Pre-Approval document?

The Buyer wants to upload a Pre-Approval document because it will help expedite the buying process and save the Buyer time. The Pre-Approval is the Buyer’s ticket to “Make an Offer” on a desired home.

How do I make an OFFER?

SIMPLE… from any detail listing sheet tap the “Make an Offer" button and follow the easy directions. All Offers are conveniently organized on the Buyer’s Dashboard.

What is a Registered (Long) Listing sheet and why do I want one?

A registered Listing sheet gives the Buyer a full report of the home- aka. Long Listing. It provides an exhaustive account of all the Home's features-

  • House and Lot Details
  • Floors and Rooms
  • Kitchen and Appliances
  • Utilities
  • Exterior Features
  • Area Amenities

This is different than the short listing sheet provided to an Unregistered Buyer.

What is the Message Center?

The Message center conveniently organizes all personal incoming and outgoing messages of the iGOfsbo system for you.

When I make an Offer do I receive a return message? 

YES... you will receive a prompt email posted to your private message center indicating your offer has been Accepted, Recognized or Rejected.

Can I upgrade My Profile to Seller?

YES... you make the edit to your Profile on your Dashboard by tapping the highlighted EDIT PROFILE.  This is a helpful feature for all home Buyers that need to sell a home too. Both Selling and Buying a home can happen simultaneously using the iGOfsbo system.


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