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Who can use

ANYONE...  A User is either a Buyer or Seller and identified as REGISTERED or UNREGISTERED. Only registered Users can unlock and make available all the assets of the iGOfsbo system. For example, only registered Sellers are authorized to post a listing and only Registered Buyers can access the PassBook.

REGISTER NOW it is Fast, Free and Easy.*

How much does it cost to use the site?

The site is Free to all Buyers.

Sellers register for Free but pay a fixed fee (w/ flexible payment terms) to list a property and employ the 4 Core Elements +1.

As a BUYER, is it necessary to “Register” to view a Listing?

NO... You can view as many listings as you wish and as often as you would like without registering.

As a SELLER, do I need to “Register” to post a Listing?

YES... to post a listing and unlock the 4 Core Elements of the iGOfsbo system a Seller needs to register.

As a SELLER, why should I post on this site rather than other FSBO sites?

SIMPLE...There is no other site, as powerful and robust as the iGOfsbo system, that showcases a logical platform and delivers a high level of service. No other site supports or provides the depth of information or empowers Buyers and Sellers. The iGOfsbo 4 Core Elements + 1 system is the evolution of real estate sales. List, Show, Negotiate and Sell your home with iGOfsbo.

As a SELLER can I post photos to the site?  Can I post videos to the site?  Can I really describe what my home is all about?

iGOfsbo's listing process is like no other in the industry.  Our real estate consultants and website designers, and developers have created a "best in class" platform. There are so many features programmed into this Licensee's website to support and empower the consumer. For example, iGOfsbo maintains a horizontal symbiotic relationship that allows all iGO ForSaleByOwner listings to be showcased on a second website at no additional cost.  This gives the Seller double the exposure and provides the iGO ForSaleByOwner Buyer more opportunities to identify properties for sale.  Another key strengths of the iGOfsbo system is that a Seller can add up to 24 photos and 6 videos - a first in the industry.

I haven’t had a video done yet but have some great photos. Can I still post to the site?

Of course you can!  Start your listing today.  However remember marketing in the 21st century is all about video so don't forget to come back and post your video when you have it.

I see this image used on your website and Listing information sheets. What is it and what can I do with it?

It is called a QR code or Quick Response code. A Buyer or Seller simply scans the QR image using an App on their Smartphone or Tablet (iPad or similar)  and the associated information is displayed on their devise. It's an easy way to save and share information.


 * (No information that a user submits is ever sold to a 3rd party- See Privacy Policy).


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